1. For me, hot dogs ARE the demons.
    St. Paul, MN.


  2. Typical fickle April weather in Minnesota: a handful of days that make a person believe spring has finally arrived, then suddenly it’s feeling like November again.
    Spotted these two during a walk Sunday morning.


  3. Another view of the Third Avenue Bridge, Minneapolis.


  4. Blue blue blues.
    Minneapolis, the Third Avenue Bridge, and the Mississippi River.


  5. Big, soft, and warm.
    No, Mr. Twin Cities Seen is not describing himself, silly; he’s describing this beauty of a caramel roll, served up fresh at Hazel’s in Northeast MPLS.


  6. I kept expecting a leather mask and a chainsaw.
    The Smoking Pig, 4th St.San Jose, CA.


  7. Immune to those charms.
    San Jose, CA. A couple more shots from my whirlwind photo-walk down Fourth Street and side avenues and boulevards, then back to home base in the Twin Cities.


  8. Things were really looking up.
    San Jose, CA


  9. Waiting for Chuck.
    San Jose, CA.


  10. Outlets.
    San Jose, CA.