1. Whoa.
    Pony antics at the Minnesota State Fair.


  2. The highly dangerous chinchilla rabbit, whose hidden tail stinger contains enough venom to drop an adult rhino. Or maybe I just need to pay more attention to the good folks at the MN State Fair animal barns, who bring us thousands of animals to look at and get close to each year.


  3. Lefty loosey, righty tighty.


  4. Boat Show.
    Looking down on the Mississippi River from the 3rd Ave. Bridge, Minneapolis, MN.


  5. Down at the end of the land during a foggy morning at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, watching the ocean roll in and back out.


  6. "Strangle Me Elmo" now available for the back-to-school shopping season!


  7. …and then the screaming started.
    CreeksBend Golf Course, New Prague, MN.


  8. Running this booth like a club.
    Keeping it real at Funland, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.


  9.     Maybe it was the way he was looking at me, because suddenly into the silence I blurted, “I’m feeling kind of down, pig.”
        And in his little pig voice he replied, “No matter the location, no matter the situation, no matter the circumstance—we will perservere. We will continue onward no matter how strong the headwinds. If we encounter darkness, we will strain against it until we bring forth light. We will not let our weaknesses define us. We will not let our differences separate us. We will not buckle in the face of adversity. In ourselves and each other we will find strength, dignity, and courage. We will challenge ourselves to be better than we think we can be. We will rise above our struggles. Together we will endure, and together we will overcome.”
        I was all, like, “Wow. Thanks, pig.”
        It was time to go home.


  10. Face the day.
    Morning rituals at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.