1. This past Saturday, GetKnit partnered with Metro Transit and numerous businesses along the Green Line for the 1st annual Rails & Ales Light Rail Brewery Crawl. Ride the train, have a beer, repeat!


  2. Launch.
    Barn silo, University of Minnesota, St. Paul campus.


  3. And now for a frank talk about animal husbandry.
    This charming specimen was spotted at the Minnesota State Fair.


  4. This is going to be your day.
    Como Park, St. Paul, MN.


  5. One more early-morning Midway shot from the Minnesota State Fair, which broke the single-day attendance record on Saturday, August 30 (252,092) and also the all-time total attendance record (1,824,830).

    If you want to see the black & white version of this one, mosey on over to my Facebook page and do a little compare and contrast for your own bad self.


  6. Last chance to win a swell prize on the Midway at the Minnesota State Fair, and then we’re unofficially wrapping up this summer.


  7. While we were dreaming #6.
    Some love from Minnesota on this fine Labor Day.
    Minnesota State Fair.


  8. While we were dreaming #8.
    Cue up to win a stuffed animal the size of Rhode Island. On the Midway, Minnesota State Fair.


  9. While we were dreaming #4.
    I need to DUCK OUT of the state fair for a bit.


  10. While we were dreaming 3.
    Ferris wheel before the crowds arrive on the Midway, Minnesota State Fair.