1. High above that busy little one-way.
    Downtown St. Paul.


  2. Abandoned car or little fixer-upper with high mileage?
    Spotted in Monticello, MN.


  3. This would be one of those times the elements WERE with me. Early morning in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Had a long stretch of sand all to myself around the area called Whiskey Beach and got to watch a beautiful sunrise, hoping I could do it justice with the camera. The towers are from World War II and were built as lookout locations; the belief was that after Pearl Harbor, the Delaware Coast were in danger. More historical info here.


  4. Sometimes the elements are with you and sometime they aren’t. My daughters texted me late one evening to let me know a storm was moving into the area, so I grabbed my gear and hit the beach. As I was setting up, a nice big chain of lightning slashed the sky. I figured more would be coming and settled in to wait. And wait. And wait. After forty-five minutes, I was tired and ready for bed, and this is as good as it got. While technically a better shot than one I took a couple years ago, it lacks the punch that an apocalyptic lightning strike would have provided. Still, for what it is, I’m happy enough.


  5. It’s high summer.
    A lazy early evening in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.


  6. Meet Zachery and Mary Ellen, two fine folks who were strolling the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware while I was there on vacation. They had a friend ask if I’d mind taking their photo. Mr. Twin Cities Seen is always down with the picture-taking.


  7. Hmm…I have no idea what to caption this photo.
    On the street in Houston, Texas.


  8. All the things I should have said.
    Bus stop, Houston, Texas.


  9. Nothing says you’re serious like a strand of razor wire.
    Houston, Texas.


  10. Even rainy days are good fountain days in Houston, Texas.